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Omaha Magazine

Hoop Dreams: Josh Turek's Basketball Passion

"He recalls saying to his teammates, 'You know what? Such few athletes get to choose their finish line. This is definitely it for me. This is the perfect way to stop. I’ve got a gold medal around my neck. I’ve got USA across my chest. I’ve got the stars and stripes around my shoulders.’” Read more

Daily Nonpareil

Turek feels 'a heavy responsibility' to help his community

“'The experience of knocking all these doors has kind of profoundly changed me, in that I realize how many people in Council Bluffs are genuinely hurting and are needing assistance or government aid and or who just have been abandoned, whether that’s healthcare or mental health or just basic infrastructure,' Turek said. 'There’s a lot of people out there that are in need, and I feel a heavy responsibility to win this.'” Read more

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Iowa Starting Line

Paralympics Basketball Star Josh Turek Takes A Shot At Representing Council Bluffs

"I said I’m going back home to Council Bluffs, Iowa, because that is truly my home—those are my people—and I want to try to make a positive difference in my community and be able to inspire some people." Read more

WHO-13 Des Moines

Champion Paralympian from Iowa shares spina bifida story

“‘One of the most important things you can do is to provide some hope and inspiration to the next generation,’ Turek said. ‘I think all of us would like to leave things better than how we found them. To be able to give back to where things began for me is really meaningful.’” Read more

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Daily Nonpareil

Harkin visits Council Bluffs, endorses state House candidate Turek

“'In the state of Iowa we have 20,000 disabled individuals that are on waiting lists for very simple things like wheelchairs. It’s immoral and it’s unjust,' Turek said. 'Along with that, since we’ve switched our Medicaid over to the for profit system in 2016, the denial rate of this equipment is up over 1,000%.'” Read more

Daily Nonpareil

Former Sen. Harkin to endorse Iowa House candidate at fundraiser

"Turek has called Harkin, author of the Americans with Disabilities Act, one of his personal heroes." Read more

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3 News Now-Omaha

Celebrate CB carnival and parade return to Council Bluffs for 50th anniversary

"Three notable athletes from Council Bluffs will be recognized as Grand Marshalls for the parade... (including) Josh Turek, a four-time Paralympian in Wheelchair Basketball." Read more

Daily Nonpareil

Turek announces run for Iowa House District 20

“'I’m running because like many Iowans, I know that we need to do more to fully fund and support our public schools, expand access to health care and pay hardworking Iowans a livable wage,' Turek said. “I hope not only to be an advocate for the people of my district, but for the disability community at large because I see that lack of representation and experience across our politics now.'” Read more

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